Our Story

Blue Sky Ranch LLC was formed in 2017 but originated in 1936 when our great grandfather started his own farm in North Brookfield, NY. Spreading from one location to another as time has passed on, with the farm, and family ever growing. Generations later we continue the tradition that was started almost a century ago.
With over 300 animals, comprised of angus, pigs, and chickens, residing on the farm now, varying from newborns to adults, we continue to grow. We raise our animals here in Waterville, feeding them corn, hay, and grain raised on our farm. No hormones or antibiotics added. We strive to bring you prime grade meat that you and your family will enjoy.

Thank you and enjoy,
Zane, Niki, & Anson

Jesse Kenyon, Zane & Anson Keith, Mitch Lemery

Thank you to Rebecca Sheets Photography for the photo @rebeccasheetsphotos

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